Nailympia USA 2018 Schedule, Divisions & Registration

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14 Competitions over 3 Days!

L&P Acrylic Tip/Overlay – (System)
L&P Acrylic Sculpture – (System)
L&P Acrylic Perfect Match – (System)
Gel Tip/Overlay – (System)
Gel Sculpture – (System)
Gel Perfect Match
Runway Nails – (Art)
Salon Nails – (System)
Soak Off Gel Manicure
Fantasy Nail Art Complete Look – (Art)
Reality Nail Art – (Art)
Mixed Media Boxed Art – (Art)
Stiletto Nails – (System and Art)
The Dip System

Division Information & Competition Costings 2018

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Division 1 – Novice (no educators)
Students and professional nail technicians that have never participated in any type of nail competition anywhere in the world. (NO educators/ trainers to enter this category.)
Division 2 – Apprentice (educator entry level)
Students and professional nail technicians that have competed, but never won a recognised competition anywhere in the world, but have placed up to 2nd position. All educators MUST use this as entry level unless they enter the masters – division 3.
Division 3 – Master
Any competitor that has won a world title, placed first in a recognized nail competition of any type or is ranked as a Top Competitor.
All categories –
(choose from L&P or Gel  tip/overlay, L&P or Gel sculpture, Salon Nails, Stiletto Nails – Perfect Match does not apply.
PLEASE NOTE: a minimum of 3 systems MUST be selected.)
Art systems can be chosen from 1-14 comps.
This is scored by taking the 3 top results from three competitors on the team in each competition. Teams are created from 3-6 competitors all competing in the same division. You can only create a team from members of the same division.

Entry fees are as follows (All fees are in US Dollars*):

Division One:


Division Two:


D2 Categories

Division Three:

D3 Masters Must Do a Minimum of Systems Categories

Art Systems

Art systems can be chosen from 1-12 comps

Soak Off Gel Manicure:


Add on OR Sole Entry

 Mailing in a 3D Mixed Media Entry?

DEADLINE is March 13th.
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* Note: Registration and or entry fees will not be refunded.