THANK YOU to our 2018 Nailympia USA Sponsors!

Sponsors play a huge role in bringing such a  prestigious international nail competition to the USA. You might wonder what sponsors do for us-

14 Competitions and 3 divisions require a lot of judges, many from other countries. Sponsorship  pays for a portion of the judges flights and hotels, over 40 trophies,medals, certificates and a ton of things you would never expect, like the judges booth and competition arena, printing score sheets, arena decorations, food and a lot more. We have an entire branding booklet on how Nailympia is to be represented, and I take that very seriously. It’s an expensive undertaking, made possible with great companies like these:

Atwood Industries

Dreamtime Creations


Virox ProBeauty

Morgan Taylor

Aerovex Systems

Artistic Nail Design

Soft Landings Towels

Entity Beauty

Gelish PolyGel


Last year  amazing 3D Mixed Media was sent in from all over the world. 

There is no set theme for this category so you can let your imagination run wild within the limits of the rules.

You can read over the rules for 3D Mixed Media | HERE | then decide what division you are in | HERE |

Now all you have to do is register here!

Did you know… all competitors and models get in FREE to the trade show!

Looking for competition models? Traveling with your model is expensive. We can help.  Let us know by posting to our FACEBOOK PAGE and we’ll round up all the hands you’ll need. Since it was a great turn out last year…I expect this year to be even better. 

Mailing in a 3D Mixed Media Entry?

DEADLINE is March 12th.
Mail to:


We look forward to seeing you in Texas, and please feel free to share this update with your nail buddies. 

For the love of nails,